The Surprising Paradox of Proverbs

We often quote proverbs and pithy statements that appear to hint at larger self-evident truths. Yet, most of these adages have directly contradictory counterparts. What does this mean about our understanding of the world? Do adages have any truth to them? This apparent paradox indicates there isn’t a particular overarching truth to any of these… Continue reading The Surprising Paradox of Proverbs

Dinnerisms: a philosophical potluck

Last weekend, Jacob, Nihar, and I hosted a potluck with a theme: prepare a dish that represents an β€œ-ism.” For instance, unhealthy desserts (e.g. donuts) symbolize hedonism. We all had a ton of fun being creative, and got to see some awesome dishes! Check out the dinners (full list at the end): The full list… Continue reading Dinnerisms: a philosophical potluck