Five Practical Life Hacks for Minimalists

There are countless articles about why minimalism is awesome, or what stuff people own. But the most frequent question is: How the hell do I get started? Here are five, concrete minimalist tactics you can enact today. Get a damn multi-tool Multi-tools are practically created for minimalists. You can replace five different items with one… Continue reading Five Practical Life Hacks for Minimalists

So, what do minimalists own?

Minimalists like myself often post articles listing all the things they own. This article is a compilation of several lists that various online minimalist bloggers have posted. Stephen Cognettaβ€Šβ€”β€ŠMy 115Β Things Notable items: Radix One Slim Wallet (Amazon Link) Foldable Storage Ottoman (Amazon Link) Swiss Army Pocket Knife (Amazon Link) Courtney Carverβ€Šβ€”β€ŠMy 100 Thing Challenge Notable… Continue reading So, what do minimalists own?

How I live: My 115 things

This post is part of a larger attempt to share my personal β€œsystems” that help me organize my life. By sharing my system, I hope to get feedback and inspire others to share as well. Minimalism: Living withΒ Nothing I started becoming a minimalist two years ago, inspired by sites like The Minimalists and Marie Kondo’s… Continue reading How I live: My 115 things