Hacking Social Interaction with a Me-Shirt

I designed my own personalized “me shirt,” and how you can too. Fashion is powerful. Fashion defines popular culture, symbolizes ideological movements, and perhaps most importantly, fashion is an expression of one’s self. Fashion is also a perfect opportunity to spark connections between people — if I want to engage with another person’s “expressed self,” I can do… Continue reading Hacking Social Interaction with a Me-Shirt

5 insights from a “Blindfold Party”

Fashion, makeup, skin color, height, jewelry, gait, musculature, hairstyle, eyebrow shape, glasses, acne, shoes, breast size, eye color. After taking it all in, we think we have a clear picture. Judgments uttered within brief minutes of interaction: “Oh, she’s a cool artsy type, probably a drug user.” “Ah, he’s one of those annoying cocky tech… Continue reading 5 insights from a “Blindfold Party”