How to get over $200 of free food in SF

Take advantage of the food deliveryΒ wars As VC firms hurl money into the battling Silicon Valley food delivery startups, the consumer can really benefit from the influx of free meal discounts and referral codes. This list consists of all pre-cooked food delivery services that serve the San Francisco area. It does not include services like… Continue reading How to get over $200 of free food in SF

Dinnerisms: a philosophical potluck

Last weekend, Jacob, Nihar, and I hosted a potluck with a theme: prepare a dish that represents an β€œ-ism.” For instance, unhealthy desserts (e.g. donuts) symbolize hedonism. We all had a ton of fun being creative, and got to see some awesome dishes! Check out the dinners (full list at the end): The full list… Continue reading Dinnerisms: a philosophical potluck