PM Coaching

Worried about your upcoming tech interview? Reach out at Exponent.

There are plenty of tech interview prep courses and books out there, but at the end of the day, nothing helps ace your interview better than actual practice.

That’s why I created Exponent. Exponent includes hundreds of interactive questions & answers that simulate a mock interview session so that you can get the practice you need. We started with product management, but now include TPM, PMM, software engineering, data science, and much more. Exponent also includes frameworks, guides, and immediate access to any questions.

For a very select number of clients, I do personal 1:1 coaching. If interested, please reach out at my contact page. 

Not convinced? Start by reading some of my most popular free PM blog post lessons:

You can also check out some of my viral content:

Hope to see you as an Exponent member!