My Projects

First, a little bit about my largest project, my career: I graduated Princeton University in Computer Science and became a product manager at Google. There, I worked on products including Android Wear, the Google Assistant, and Google Doodles. I’m now attending Stanford Business School.

While in school, I’m growing two main efforts: PMLesson, the only practice-based online product management course, and HackMentalHealth, the world’s largest community of mental health and technology advocates.

Notable Projects


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.52.38 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.56.39 PM

Recent Software Projects

  • Hacking HQ TriviaA Python script that auto-Googles HQ Trivia questions. Featured in The VergeNY Mag, and Hacker News front page.
  • Eldo: Connecting older mentors with younger minds for intergenerational learning and friendship.
  • LunarBuying virtual moon plots on the blockchain, Product Management Consultant.
  • Tip: Q&A on the blockchain.

Art Projects

  • Photographic Recursion: what happens when you take a photo of a photo of a photo…? | Selected as a Medium Editor’s Pick
  • Me-Shirt: How I made a t-shirt to talk to strangers

Social Experiments

Other Software Projects

  • Princeton Senior Thesis:  Using a computer and smartphone simultaneously. HackNY Most Technically Challenging Hack.
  • PillowTalk: HIV triaging tool. AngelHack’s Tech4Good Hackathon 1st Place.
  • Toasti1 minute calls. HackPrinceton Best Mobile Hack Winner.
  • Epilogue: Closure and finality for your loved ones. Y Combinator Hacks API Prize.
  • CanineCare: Pedometer and food consumption tracking devices for pet fitness.
  • Food With Friends: Yelp Dataset Group Recommendation Tool.
  • CoPilot: Collaborative Web Browsing.