My Projects

First, a little bit about my largest project, my career: I graduated Princeton University in Computer Science and became a product manager at Google. There, I worked on products including Android Wear, the Google Assistant, and Google Doodles. I’m now attending Stanford Business School.

I’m now growing Exponent, the best way to land your dream tech career.

Notable Projects


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.52.38 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.56.39 PM

Recent Software Projects

  • Hacking HQ TriviaA Python script that auto-Googles HQ Trivia questions. Featured in The VergeNY Mag, and Hacker News front page.
  • Eldo: Connecting older mentors with younger minds for intergenerational learning and friendship.
  • LunarBuying virtual moon plots on the blockchain, Product Management Consultant.
  • Tip: Q&A on the blockchain.

Art Projects

  • Photographic Recursion: what happens when you take a photo of a photo of a photo…? | Selected as a Medium Editor’s Pick
  • Me-Shirt: How I made a t-shirt to talk to strangers

Social Experiments

Other Software Projects

  • Princeton Senior Thesis:  Using a computer and smartphone simultaneously. HackNY Most Technically Challenging Hack.
  • PillowTalk: HIV triaging tool. AngelHack’s Tech4Good Hackathon 1st Place.
  • Toasti1 minute calls. HackPrinceton Best Mobile Hack Winner.
  • Epilogue: Closure and finality for your loved ones. Y Combinator Hacks API Prize.
  • CanineCare: Pedometer and food consumption tracking devices for pet fitness.
  • Food With Friends: Yelp Dataset Group Recommendation Tool.
  • CoPilot: Collaborative Web Browsing.