Why I Send Annual Friendship Feedback Emails

For the past three years, I’ve sent out “friendship feedback” emails to some of my closest friends. Here’s why. Friendships are essential Friendship is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warm feeling inside. Friendship is one of the most critical, beautiful types of relationships. As C.S. Lewis puts… Continue reading Why I Send Annual Friendship Feedback Emails

Mention these five tech trends in your PM interview

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best PM interview preparation strategies is to create a “Big Ideas” list of tech trends. When asked questions like “What is the future of the microwave?” or “How would you redesign the airport experience?” these tech trends can help frame your answer, and demonstrate your forward-thinking skills. Below are… Continue reading Mention these five tech trends in your PM interview

Dear Facebook, “Download My Archive” is Broken and That’s Not Okay

Facebook’s “Download My Archive” feature is incomplete and unusable. We have a right to our data. Facebook has a lot of our data. The time you and your friend got into that huge political debate. The hilarious conversations from your high school chat groups. The moment you realized you were in love with your future husband. As users… Continue reading Dear Facebook, “Download My Archive” is Broken and That’s Not Okay

Moving to a New City? An Immersion Checklist

Moving to a new city is hard. New location, new home, new job, new friends, new coffee shops, new mailman, new weather, new supermarkets, new everything. Especially as adults, it’s challenging to fully immerse yourself in new locations. It’s been hard for me too. But, as I travel around the US, I’m getting better at it.… Continue reading Moving to a New City? An Immersion Checklist

I Listened to Emotionally Vulnerable Strangers on Reddit

The power of peer-to-peer emotional support communities Before I tell my story, I want to clarify that I’m not trained as a clinical psychologist or therapist. My only exposure with mental health counseling has been serving as a suicide hotline counselor for two years at San Francisco Suicide Prevention. Beyond that, I yearn to provide… Continue reading I Listened to Emotionally Vulnerable Strangers on Reddit

How I Live: Track Ideas with a “Dump Doc”

This post is part of a larger attempt to share my personal “systems” that help me organize my life. By sharing my system, I hope to get feedback and inspire others to share as well. Stop Losing Your Ideas We’ve all been there. You’re driving along the freeway in morning rush hour traffic, staring at the… Continue reading How I Live: Track Ideas with a “Dump Doc”

Ace your PM Interview: What is the future of X?

Product Management interviews are not easy. Each PM interview quizzes you not only on your product “spidey senses” and general business intuition, but often includes questions testing design, PR, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, and engineering skills. What is the future of x? “X” can be an industry like wearables or libraries. “X” could be a location, like… Continue reading Ace your PM Interview: What is the future of X?

The Chaos of Memories: Photographic Recursion

What happens when you take a photo of a photo over and over again, recursively? A 2012 Northwestern study investigating memory concluded that memory is like the telephone game. When you remember something, you’re actually not recalling the original event. Instead, you’re remembering what you remembered from your last recall of this memory. What does this mean for… Continue reading The Chaos of Memories: Photographic Recursion

Why “Nature-Hunting” Should Be Your Next Hobby 🍄🌟🎣

Volunteering at the Telluride Mushroom Festival and the beauty of “nature-hunting”   Mushroom beer. Un-bolete-ably bad mushroom puns. Hundreds of people in mushroom costumes prancing down the street in a mushroom-themed parade. Drug policy discussions. Open “myc” night. Mushroom foraging expeditions. Mushroom cook-offs. Mushroom farming lectures. Who knew there was so mush-room to love mushrooms? Volunteering at Telluride… Continue reading Why “Nature-Hunting” Should Be Your Next Hobby 🍄🌟🎣