Bugs in the Wild: Instagram Setting Doesn’t Sync

Bugs in the Wild is a case study series where I identify live internet bugs and propose product redesigns. The Bug Instagram’s setting page lists a feature where users can toggle “Hide Inappropriate Comments” to hide offensive comments on Instagram. Here’s what it looks like on desktop and mobile web: There’s a distinction between the… Continue reading Bugs in the Wild: Instagram Setting Doesn’t Sync

I analyzed my Lyft driver tips, here’s what I found

Lessons from the road as a former Lyft driver in the Denver area. For rideshare drivers, tips are an important source of income. But what variables correlate to a large or small tip? Do controllable factors like conversation or the day of the week affect tip outcomes? I designed a mini-experiment to investigate. After each ride,… Continue reading I analyzed my Lyft driver tips, here’s what I found

Announcing The Reverse Hackathon — Ethics+Technology

It’s time to rethink technology. Technology news this week has been horrifying for many. A pedestrian was fatally hit by a self-driving Uber. Facebook is involved in a data breach of an incredible scale. Last month, Twitter put out a public call for more meaningful health metrics as a recognition of the growing issues across social media (something Mark Zuckerberg… Continue reading Announcing The Reverse Hackathon — Ethics+Technology

Try This: Text Only in Emojis 💬😃😞💬🤐

A silly experiment reveals fascinating insights about language In case you’ve been sleeping for the past twenty years, emoji usage has been going 📈📈📈. By mid-2015, half of all comments on Instagram included an emoji. Hollywood released a full feature-length film titled The Emoji Movie. Even Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is posting about urgent fixes to the hamburger emoji. For… Continue reading Try This: Text Only in Emojis 💬😃😞💬🤐

HackMentalHealth: 9 Lessons From The World’s Largest Mental Health Hackathon

Lessons from planning the world’s largest mental health hackathon in six months I was recently part of an amazing team of individuals to plan what now appears to be the world’s largest mental health hackathon, HackMentalHealth(our blog recap here). It was an incredible and inspiring event: not only did we have over 350+ attendees and 30+ sponsors but… Continue reading HackMentalHealth: 9 Lessons From The World’s Largest Mental Health Hackathon

HackMentalHealth 2018: “The Movement Has Begun”

In the upcoming century, mental health is one of the biggest challenges our nation faces. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness: 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness in a given year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for people aged 15–24. 46% of homeless adults live with… Continue reading HackMentalHealth 2018: “The Movement Has Begun”

Technology and the Mind: An Existential Psychotherapist’s Thoughts on the Meaning of Tech

With many in the technology sector inspired by Facebook’s 2018 mission to make its platform more meaningful, there’s been a greater conversation about the influence of technology on our mental health. To investigate this phenomenon further, I interview Dr. Nicolle Zapien, PhD, Dean, School of Professional Psychology and Health, California Institute of Integral Studies about technology and… Continue reading Technology and the Mind: An Existential Psychotherapist’s Thoughts on the Meaning of Tech

Shit Programmers Say, Translated

We all know that product managers speak the same lingo to explain what they actually mean. But software engineers are just as culpable of a common dialect with hidden meaning. Here are eight of the most common programmer sayings, translated. Disclaimer: I’m a former PM. But with the help of Google SWE Pragya Bajoria, these shouldn’t be… Continue reading Shit Programmers Say, Translated

3 Tech Tools For Meaningful Interactions

Social media FOMO. Video game addiction. Notification spam. When was the last time you caught up with someone who didn’t check their phone at all during the conversation? Admirably, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest post addresses the lack of meaningful online connection to be Facebook’s biggest challenge of 2018 — signaling an important change necessary for the technology industry as a whole.… Continue reading 3 Tech Tools For Meaningful Interactions