Ace your PM Interview: What is the future of X?

Product Management interviews are not easy.

Each PM interview quizzes you not only on your product “spidey senses” and general business intuition, but often includes questions testing design, PR, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, and engineering skills.

What is the future of x?

“X” can be an industry like wearables or libraries. “X” could be a location, like airports or coffeeshops. Heck, “X” could even be non-technical, like a wrench or a carpet.

This is one of my favorite product management questions — you get free reign to rave about the awesomeness that is our future. But, that freedom is daunting without a coherent structure and knowledge of the industry or product (when’s the last time you’ve used a wrench?). Luckily, there’s a straightforward organizational method to ace this interview question.

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