So, what do minimalists own?

Minimalists like myself often post articles listing all the things they own. This article is a compilation of several lists that various online minimalist bloggers have posted.

Stephen Cognetta — My 115 Things

Notable items:

Courtney Carver — My 100 Thing Challenge

Notable items:

  • Bible
  • Rosetta Stone headphones (Link)

The Minimalists — Everything I Own: My 288 Things

Notable items:

  • Guitar
  • Artwork

Minimal Student — My Minimalist Suitcase

Notable items:

  • Karate Gi + Belt
  • Guitar + accessories
  • Nintendo DS (Link)

Colin Wright — All 51 Things I Own

Notable items:

  • Tripod
  • Universal Adapter (Link)

Andrew Hyde — Minimalism Project: 39 Things

Notable items:

Impossible HQ— My 97 Things

Notable items:

Man Vs Debt — Pics of Every Single Item We Own

Notable items:


  • Many of these lists are outdated. The purpose of this article is to provide a snapshot of what minimalists own, at a particular time in their life.
  • Many minimalists don’t enjoy keeping a strict count of their possessions and don’t continually update their lists. After all, minimalists don’t want to get caught up tracking all their stuff, they want to be free of it!
  • The way each minimalist blogger counts their items is very different. The numbers aren’t meant to be comparable.


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