The One PM Interview Question you Should Rehearse

Product management interviews contain a whole gamut of questions — some questions involve grilling you on your analytical skills while others assess your product intuition. However, there’s one two-part Product Management question that, without fail, you will be asked in your interview process. I recommend every PM applicant have a well-thought answer to these questions, for multiple products.

1. What product do you love, and why?

Pick a product you actually use. I also generally try to pick a product that isn’t completely dominant in the market, and that reflects my interests (e.g. Foursquare, Lyft, etc.). What makes the product great? Why do you use it over its competitors? How is this product’s future roadmap going to change the future of the industry?

2. What is the product lacking, and how would you improve it?

Imagine you’re the PM of the product. How could the user experience or user interface be improved? How could this product engage more, or expand to a new customer segment? How would you adjust the product’s 10-year vision?


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