How to get over $200 of free food in SF

Take advantage of the food delivery wars

As VC firms hurl money into the battling Silicon Valley food delivery startups, the consumer can really benefit from the influx of free meal discounts and referral codes.

This list consists of all pre-cooked food delivery services that serve the San Francisco area. It does not include services like Blue Apron or Plated, which involve cooking (I aim to make a separate guide for these later). If you use all of these codes, you can get yourself over $200 worth of food credit. Disclaimer: the referral codes in this article are my own.


Munchery — promo link

Organic/Local, $20 credit

Caviar — promo link

$10 off first two orders

Saucey — promo link

Snacks/Alcohol, $25 credit

Uber Eats — link, with code

$15 off first order, you can use anyone’s code, here’s mine: stephenc1915ue

Amazon Delivery — promo link

$10 off first order (no referral needed)

DoorDash — promo link

$7 credit — promo link

$7 credit

Grubhub — promo link

$7 off first order, total must be $15 or more

Eat24 — promo link, with code

$2 off order with code seabass

Postmates — promo link

$100 in delivery credit (you’ll still have to pay for the actual purchase)

Even more free food

Three additional tips for getting more free food:

  • You can always refer yourself to a food delivery startup by using a different email.
  • If you’re ordering in groups, check first to see if anyone has already signed up for the service you’re considering using. If someone hasn’t, you can refer them to get a discount for the whole group.
  • Always Google “_____ promo codes” before you order anything, most startups have seasonal discounts.

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