Dinnerisms: a philosophical potluck

Last weekend, Jacob, Nihar, and I hosted a potluck with a theme: prepare a dish that represents an โ€œ-ism.โ€ For instance, unhealthy desserts (e.g. donuts) symbolize hedonism.

We all had a ton of fun being creative, and got to see some awesome dishes! Check out the dinners (full list at the end):

The full list of dishes:

  • Plagiarism: Box of Safeway madeleines with the label โ€œBaked by Stephen and Jacobโ€
  • Optimism and Realism: Optimism is a healthy salad, and Realism is the bowl of mac and cheese
  • Environmentalism: Salad
  • Hedonism: Donuts
  • Monotheism: Bread and red wine
  • Freudianism: Bananas, popsicles, and corn dogs
  • Narcissism: Two people brought this dishโ€Šโ€”โ€Šone was Nihar bringing a cake to thank himself for hosting, and the other is a cake with Jacobโ€™s face on it
  • Dualism: A Pringles container with pretzels inside
  • Utilitarianism: Soylent bottle
  • Zootheism: Red Bull, gives you wings
  • Satanism: Half-eaten apple
  • Fanaticism: Kool-aid
  • Anthropomorphism: Gingerman cookies
  • Schism: The gap in the tables
  • Alcoholism: Beer
  • Protectionism: A pad thai dish wrapped up and taped in a box
  • Imperialism: Paneer tikka masala
  • Defeatism: Toast
The fullย feast!

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